America constitution and Cyrus pedia
Cyrus never sleep
In the name of God

Think so, inspired by Benjamin Franklin "cyruspedia" of Xenophon, wrote parts of the Constitution and American civil rights. His book "cyruspedia" was read and was familiar with the behavioral characteristics and practices of Cyrus statecraft. This point of view that has remained hidden from others. Although our history is bright enough that it need not be reminded of that service to the Iranians to the world civilization, what is valuable and great. "
Will tell what part of speech, Kamyar Abdi, a university professor and archaeologist at the Cultural Foundation was Jamasyan Jamshid. His reception in the West about the fundamental laws and civil rights of American statecraft of Cyrus the Great, spoke, first pointed out that the formation history of the United States should recognize such Asrpzyryhayy. Recalling his discovery of America in 1492, said: "In the early years of the sixteenth century was the British colonies in America Syzdhganhay able to lay foundations. These colonies were formed from the nomadic landowner who had come from England and the eastern shores (eastern) United States, had been intruded. Years later, they refused to pay taxes to the king of England, followed, on 4 July 1776 with the signing statement in Philadelphia, were intended to declare the independence of their land. "

According to Abdi, a group that American independence was declared and the "Founding Fathers" are known, 25 were men. But the core of this group, three prominent figure of the time, "George Washington", "Benjamin Franklin" and "Thomas Jefferson", were formed. Washington, the first five star officer who commanded the American army was on the shoulders. Franklin was also a figure that more scientific research to their work Myprdakht and Thomas Jefferson as the "brain thinker," the group called, on history and social science, knowledge was Damnhdary. These three, it was the knowledge that the new system they founded America.

Abdi added in sequence: "monarchy, the only known way statecraft in those years (18th century), respectively.. "

Know, and two others, were on the excavations in the ancient literature, to take the historical search to find other ways of statecraft. At the time, learning Latin and Greek languages, was part of the European Higher Education. Graduates of the West (West), had forced the great books Bkhvandnd classical.Thus, he and his companions, he created a new political thought that it was just time. "

Abdi then added: "The writing of American civil rights law, an important event in the history of political thought over the world. The first row of this law: "We the People" begins. This was the first time that the "people" came to speak of. Up to this time (1780 AD) value for the masses of people, governments and foundations Nmyshnakhtnd Kshvrdaryshan of ideas "suited to Machiavelli," and his book "Sh", was originated. Suited to Machiavelli to the military regimes (totalitarian) and that he believed that the price that must be kept in power. Years after it was someone named "John Locke", attempts to 17th century England, the idea Brabrchnyn stopped and the only fitting suited to Machiavelli's views (essential) to know. "
Abdi pointed out that John Locke, he knew Latin and Greek and could read Greek literature, said: "His book" cyruspedia"read Xenophon was the way statecraft based on Cyrus the Great, it was concluded that no no necessity that the government bullying people they rule, but rule with justice can be both. "

Abdi added: "Jefferson was familiar with the ideas suited to Machiavelli and had read the works of John Locke, also knew that the book of Xenophon. Jefferson is still in the library, the "Mount Chrlv" Virginia, the book "Kvrvshnamh" be ¬ hold. Jefferson notes many books written on the leaves of the line is drawn.It is suspected that the Franklin, read Xenophon's book. "

At the end of Kamyar Abdi said: "Authors American civil rights law, by reading" Kvrvshnamh "of Xenophon, Cyrus the Great familiarity with the ideas and methods of statecraft were found and were inspired by it.

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